SIRIUS-D is the result of 15 years of research by Professor Dimitar Ganchev Dimitrov, Bulgaria. He is honored with many Bulgarian and international awards and honors. He has more then 250 copyright certificates, is author of over 240 scientific publications and has 15 patents. Over the last 6 years, the results of the use of the product and its functioning have been analyzed. The result of this work are the new SIRIUS-D additions.



The Sirius-D range of products contain amino acids, oligopeptides and mucopolysaccharides. The products are intended for oral administration and, upon reaching the stomach, break down into the input monomers that are the building blocks of the single polymer molecules, except for monomers of amino acids, which remain unchanged. The low-molecular compounds, which make up the polymers in Sirius-D, then pass through the membrane wall of the small intestine and are released into the blood stream. From this moment on, they are at the disposal of the immune system, which uses them as intended.

Prof. Dimitrov: ”There are many different protein products on the market – all contain monomeric amino acids or insoluble proteins. The first can cause imbalance in the digestion. The latter are harder and slower to melt, which does not differentiate them from other common dietary sources for protein. In most cases where nutritional supplements are needed, the protein supplement should contain all types of amino acids and be rapidly absorbed by the body. SIRIUS-D meets both requirements!